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Le drapeau de plongée en PVC de 21 x 16 pouces (53,34 x 40,64 cm) inclus, dans les couleurs rouge et blanc traditionnelles, est suspendu horizontalement à un cadre en métal qui s'insère dans les manches sur les côtés de la bouée, ce qui améliore encore la visibilité au-dessus de la face.


 Une fois dégonflée, la bouée est suffisamment petite pour pouvoir se ranger facilement dans votre sac ou sur le bateau.


Inflatable surface buoy alerts those above the water to your location below

Wide, stable base with center receptacle for adding small weights, dive signal light or other small items

Bottom is encircled with woven nylon line, creating multiple attachment points

21 x 16 inch (53.34 x 40.64cm) PVC diver down flag with metal hanging frame included

Disc buoy dimensions, inflated: appx 22 x 8 inches (55.88 x 20.32cm)



The Trident Flag-N-Float Inflatable Disc Buoy with Diver Down Flag, 22” is an essential piece of diver safety equipment. In many areas divers are required to alert those on the surface to their location below, but even when doing so is optional it’s the safest way to dive.


Constructed of sturdy PVC, the 22 x 8 inch (55.88 x 20.32cm) disc base offers great stability and a center receptacle for addition of small weights, holding a dive signal light, or other small items. Bottom is encircled with sturdy woven nylon line for attachment of clips, or for attaching the buoy to an anchor, drift or deco line.

The included 21 x 16 inch (53.34 x 40.64cm) PVC diver down flag in traditional red and white colors hangs horizontally from a metal frame that inserts into sleeves at the sides of the buoy, further enhancing topside visibility.

When deflated, the buoy is small enough to easily stow in your gear bag or store on the boat.

Tilt the odds of a safe dive in your favor: keep your dive surface clear with a surface buoy.



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